Modernisation Framework

Public Service Management Act 1997

The Public Service Management Act 1997 introduced a new management structure to the Civil Service on a statutory basis. The purpose of the Act is to enhance the management, effectiveness and transparency of Departments and Offices and to put in place mechanisms for the increased accountability of civil servants. The Act also provides for the administration of other activities including the appointment of advisors and the assignment of cross-departmental functions.
The mechanisms for increased responsibility and accountability include obligations on Departments and Offices to produce:
Strategy Statements setting out their key objectives and outputs and their means of achieving these (Guidelines on the preparation of Strategy Statements are available here). Copies of Departments and Offices Strategy Statements can be accessed here. The high level goals contained in organisational Strategy Statements are subsequently broken down into divisional and work unit Business Plans, which in turn help to inform employees’ individual Role Profiles under the Civil Service Performance Management and Development System (PMDS). Guidelines on the preparation of Business Plans can be accessed here. Annual Reports detailing progress made on achieving the key objectives and outputs contained in their strategy statements.
Implementation Group of Secretaries General

The Implementation Group of Secretaries General provides leadership to the modernisation programme and drives the reform process forward within the Civil Service. The Group comprises the Secretaries General of all Government Departments and the Heads of major Offices. It is chaired by Mr. Dermot McCarthy, Secretary General of the Department of the Taoiseach. The Implementation Group is assisted by a number of subgroups which report to it, including the Change Management Network.
Change Management Network

The Change Management Network was established by the Implementation Group of Secretaries General to assist and support the integration of the various strands of the modernisation process in Departments/Offices.
The Network provides a forum for discussion and the sharing of experience and best practice among senior civil servants charged with overseeing the modernisation process in Departments/Offices. It also provides a channel for effective and timely dialogue between the centre and managers in line Departments/Offices with responsibility for change management in relation to initiatives being progressed under the aegis of the Implementation Group. Speeches/Presentations made at the Change Management Network.