ICT Procurement

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in conjunction with the Government Networks Program Board has set up the Government Networks (GN) in the interest of the non-business open part.

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Government Networks (GN) is a private, oversaw, wide territory system (WAN) interfacing open administration offices on an information, voice and video able system. GN is outlined fundamentally to encourage secure and solid correspondence between Government offices and to bolster existing and future Government applications. A system for furnishing organizations with a safe access to the Internet is incorporated and in addition a methods for offices to safely have Internet administrations.

GN offers various potential expense and operational advantages to taking an interest organizations and to government overall:  ICT Procurement LAN.IE

Encourages between office coordinated effort and conveyance of signed up taxpayer supported organizations by giving a protected availability environment to information trade/sharing.

All offices paying little mind to estimate have admittance to network capacity and items/innovation normally accessible just to substantial ICT fit organizations.

Deals with numerous standard everyday framework benefits so offices can center their assets on giving their center projects and administrations.

Security of government data frameworks is fundamentally enhanced by merging ability and assets at a little number of system associations.

Web access costs for government organizations have considerably been fused into one profoundly flexible framework, giving much more noteworthy transmission capacity to offices than had been practicable leading up to now.

Offers the business favorable circumstances of an aggregrated obtainment approach, bringing about altogether lessened expenses and duties.


To get nitty gritty data, including evaluating and the Template RFT please visit our safe site: http://gn.gov.ie (just available to workers of open segment bodies that are associated with the Government Networks). A PDF adaptation of the site is accessible on solicitation from the Government Networks Team. Leaflet Distribution is a great way to spread messages in Dublin.


GN administrations and items are accessible from May 2007 onwards.

Extent of Services and Products

GN conveys a suite of met voice, information and video administrations. GN has a particular structure, empowering offices to take up administrations as they require them, and as their current telecom supply plans direct. The accompanying table outlines a percentage of the administrations and items accessible to offices associated with GN.


GN-Connect The compulsory “GN-Connect” administration gives the underlying association with GN and is the stage for all other GN administrations. Organizations might take more than one association for versatility purposes.

Overseen Services “Managed Services” are abnormal state administrations – e.g. DNS and Mail Relay administrations – that work over the Core Network spine and are overseen midway inside of the GN Core Network.

Information Services The “Information Services” contain availability to different organizations, network to the Internet, remote access network for office staff and other trusted outsiders and fundamental application facilitating administrations.

Voice Services The “Voice Services” contain Fixed, Mobile and VoIP administrations which go about as augmentation to, or trade for office based telephony arrangements.

Video Services The “Video Services” involve IP TV and Video Conferencing administrations.

Looked Carriers

As of now there are seven transporters looked with GN who can give network to organizations:


BT Government Network

Complete Government Network

eircom BIP administration/eircom Metro Network


Keen Telecom Government Network

UPC Government Network

As a component of the Mobile Framework, Meteor, O2 and Vodafone are additionally looked with GN for both Voice and Data movement. Also, as a major aspect of the Fixed and VOIP Framework, eircom, Magnet, UPC and Vodafone are looked with GN.

Step by step instructions to Procure a Connection to GN

GN is based on the idea of giving the most fitting advances and administrations through a multi-supplier sourcing system. Offices utilize a GN “Looked” Carrier Network as the entrance instrument to interface with the Core Network. The genuine Peered Carrier chose by an Agency is settled on back of an open aggressive tendering practice and is generally dictated by various variables including what access connections are accessible in the Agency territory, the limit required and the level of accessibility required.

With a specific end goal to obtain an association with Government Networks it is important to experience an open acquirement exercise. To offer organizations some assistance with achieving the most ideal administration and valuing, a format Request For Tender (Template RFT) record is accessible on solicitation from the Contract Manager.

To utilize the Template RFT organizations basically round out various fundamental fields (name, areas, due date, and so forth).

Once the Template RFT has been finished it ought to be distributed to http://www.etenders.gov.ie .

Organizations are urged to contact the Government Networks Section in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform to talk about their needs and any unique prerequisites all together that the suitable administration decisions are made.


Installment and Invoicing game plans will be concurred by the important Customer and the chose Carrier for every situation.

Contact Government Networks Team

The Government Networks Team can be reached with any questions:


Name: Ken Barclay

Address: CMOD, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Lansdowne House, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4

Phone: (01) 604 5018

Email: gn@gov.ie

Secure Site

To acquire point by point data, including valuing please visit our protected site:


This safe site is just available by representatives of open segment bodies that are associated with the Government Networks. A PDF form of the site is accessible on solicitation from the Contract Manager.