March, 2016


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Information Society

It is widely recognised that the use of Information Technology and the delivery of eGovernment is an essential element of the Public Service Modernisation Programme.  It offers the potential to significantly improve the quality of services to the customer and to facilitate more efficient working within and across Departments. The delivery of internet-based public services may also require the realignment and modernisation of the organisational structures which deliver public services.


Technology for Better Government Welcome to, the website dedicated to the Public Modernisation Programme for the Irish Public Service. This website is maintained by the Division. It is intended to be a source of information for members of the Civil and Public Service and for other interested parties on developments in the modernisation programme. Clear Braces It includes a large number of publications and links organised on the basis of the different thematic areas of the Modernisation Programme. Leaflet Distribution by City Marketing. The website has recently been redesignedRead More